A video surveillance system provides for security in the common areas and in the surrounding
A video surveillance system provides for security in the common areas and in the surrounding

Video surveillance systems: complete sets and equipment for surveillance inVideo controlMoscow.

In primarily for those who believe the way to handpick the equipment for solving their problems surveillance system ready to set in our online store in Moscow. What is the benefit of such a decision?


In importantly we are not looking for volume sales dumping prices and economy on quality – we provide in Moscow consulting support and maintenance of products sold.


Video control. Functions of surveillance:

-observation and play seen without distortion or subjective interpretations;


-prevention and undesirable consequences work in heavy for human condition;


-around the clock and in continuous shooting, helps avoid any unpleasant and unexpected situation only because of its presence in the production and trade territory and in public places congestion in Moscow.


Video control

Create a valuable information flows continuously and at specified intervals in the public stealth mode recording is by one of the three types shown below Camera. Get fully consulted fast and quality installation (installing CCTV in Moscow and regions) with the subsequent service you can get from the company’s specialists Vizart.


Video controlVideo control

How to choose a video surveillance system in Moscow? Work on installing video surveillance systems on the following algorithm:


Free: You form and sends a request for the installation of video surveillance systems to our experts in Moscow for any kind of communication (the observed object) room, type of camera, number of cameras, area of the observed object (room, degree of illumination and other parameters) or request a consultation with a specialist in Moscow over the phone or via the feedback form;


Within 2 days after receipt of the request, we are preparing a plan for approval by the projects you either immediately prepare for you an offer. After approval of the work plan and timetable for their implementation signing, a team of qualified installers in Moscow holds all the necessary steps to install equipment;


At the stage of work our engineers carry out mandatory quality control and testing. Further delivery to the customer object that is you;


Then realized all contractual obligations to support the installed system, this allows you to eliminate any inconsistency in the work and ensure the quality of services provided. To older the consultations in Moscow on CCTV security system, call (495) 640 46 04 or fill out the form below pages.


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