Vizart Co. design installation and fine-tuning and servicing of low-voltage systems in Moscow or in all Russia
Vizart Co. design installation and fine-tuning and servicing of low-voltage systems in Moscow or in all Russia


Support and service of video surveillance systems, structured cabling system, protection, background music and other low-current systems.

For our company, as well as for any other organization regular customers are the most valuable. Personal conditions, discounts, special prices and bonuses are provided to these clients. They are served without queue. And we send the best specialists for execution of their orders. There is a reason for it, as to work with customers whose needs are already clear, priorities are defined, and the equipment and a cable network was designed and run by our own hands - much more effectively, productively and quickly.

«Vizart» company provides its sevices at the highest level so that one-time agreements with clients were able to grow in mutually beneficial partnerships in the future. Therefore right after designing, installation, settings or debuggings of low-current systems and structured cabling system we offer our clients IT outsourcing services.

Outsourcing is use of an external source/resource.

Unlike works on service and support having one-time character and limited by the beginning and the end, outsourcing includes usually functions on professional support of uninterrupted operability of certain systems and infrastructures on the basis of the long contract. Services on maintenance of engineering systems are particularly relevant in the area of retail sales, restaurants and all network businesses having a set of points across Moscow, Russia and all over the world.

Everyone can use privileges of the regular customer:

- if you have been a client of «Vizart» company once and you are interested in the regularly scheduled service;

- if cable networks were carried out by other professionals, but you want to get guaranteed quality service provided by the company «Vizart»;

- if uninterrupted operation of structured cabling system, video surveillance and rapid response in case of emergencies is important for you;

- if your state is not an individual employee in charge of commissioning equipment and detection of possible failures in the equipment;

- if you look for reliable solutions on service of low-current systems with an optimal ratio of the price and quality.

«Vizart» company, with five years of experience, offers support and services in the field of installation and maintenance of engineering systems. Priority areas include computer networks, video surveillance systems and broadcastings, systems of a background postscoring of locations, alarm systems and access control system.

Types of operations which we can provide on outsourcing

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